About Us

         Hennelly, Jacob, Quinlan has been providing multi-state Medicaid application services to Illinois medical providers since 1984. Prior to forming the company, the management team had extensive experience in, what was then the Illinois Department of Public Aid.

         Having once been in the same position as the state employees with whom our staff works gives us a unique and keen understanding of how to accomplish our mission: to get eligible patients approved for Medicaid and other assistance programs.

         Our focus is purposely narrow. We do not provide collections or billing, or sell software products. We concentrate solely on application and eligibility services to ensure the best possible results for our customers and their patients.

         Applying for government medical programs is, at its core, people interacting with other people. Government agencies are composed of individuals with a wide range of competencies. Patients may be highly motivated and capable or need extensive assistance due to medical or social circumstances. Third parties with critical and required information may be forthcoming and helpful but that is not always the case. It is our role to work with all of these people to get each of them to work their part of the process. Without a professional and expert staff to obtain the necessary information and cooperation, you can only hope for a favorable outcome.

         We have, what we believe is, a group of the best trained and most competent employees of this most specialized and uniquely focused niche of the industry.  In contrast to most of our competitors, each employee is trained in all aspects of the application process from comprehensively filling out applications to filing appeals with optimal success rates.

         This higher level of training brings with it not only an increased ability to provide services, but also promotes an image of professionalism which reflects well on the image and reputation of our clients’ health care provider facilities.