Medicaid Applications

         Our staff will interview the patient, screen for existing coverage and determine potential eligibility. If possible eligibility exists; we collect necessary documents and signatures, visit the patientís home when required, complete the appropriate application forms and submit them to the appropriate agency. We will follow up until the application process is successfully completed. If a negative decision is made, a review will be initiated to determine if the decision was determined correctly. If not, and a supervisory intervention does not correct the problem, an appeal will be filed. Follow up will continue until the appeal decision or agreement is implemented.

CHIPS Program:

         For CHIPS contracting hospitals, in addition to the normal Medicaid application process, we insure that all requirements for the state mental health program are met to facilitate payment should Medicaid be denied.

DPA 2432/Spend-down:

         We will contact the patient to collect medical bills that may be used toward the spend-down obligation. Unlike many agencies who simply submit the hospital charges, we use all available expenses to reduce the patient's portion payable to the hospital, thereby increasing Medicaid revenue to the provider and reducing fiscal challenges for the patient.

Addition of newborns:

         We complete all forms and gather all information necessary to add newborns to existing Medicaid cases and review IDHS eligibility information to insure the information is correct.

Crime Victims Compensation:

         Upon referral, we assist the patient with completion of the application form and the acquisition of and additional required verification documents. We then monitor the progress of the application process all the way through to a viable completion.

Sexual Assault Assistance Program:

         The required application is completed and any necessary medical documents are provided to the State agency.


         With every applicable Medicaid application, our staff offers assistance to the patient with the filing of SSI/SSDI applications both for the benefit of the patient and medical providers who may service the patient in the future. Should the disability application be denied, we work with a Social Security disability law firm to provide assistance to the patient.